Tori Black Tipsy

Tori Black here, living out a basic fantasy, and you fans are part of the fun! When you see the bed I’m in, you’ll know that’s part of the fantasy – this thing might as well be made of money. It definitely helped that I was sipping a yummy beverage, but here’s the part that makes it a nice, simple fantasy: does anyone want to see me lay in the perfect bed, get tipsy, and play with myself? Oh… millions of you do? Well… Sounds perfect to me!

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Tori Black Pussy

Tori Black fans, do you like my pussy? Do you like my pussy even more when it’s wet? What about freshly fucked, still full of cum, and still horny? Get ready for perhaps one of the most intimate sexual clips ever posted to the internet… when you’re this horny, and someone dares you to record a video of your pussy, you can put your legs in the air and get it over with, or you can really surprise them, like this!

Tori Black BTS

Tori Black here in pantyhose and on my knees, for another 8 minute moment behind the scenes. Yep, I’m on my knees when the camera first catches me, and soon after that, I’m playing with a nice big toy in my ass. It’s so hard to stay professional sometimes when they’re asking you to hold a hard toy inside your horny asshole and they want you to keep still while they check the lighting for the millionth time…

Tori Black begs for you to fuck her

It was so hot outside that I needed to take a break from the sun. How about you help me cool off a little? I know your dick is hard. Just seeing me in my sexy bikini has woken up that sleeping beast! Cum on then, cum help me get naked and let’s put that stiff cock to good use! xoxo Tori Black



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